About Pure Green

We believe in CBD Oil.

While we live in a world that is forever changing, one where you completely understand something today but have to recreate your world tomorrow. There is a bright future which lies in store for us on this amazing planet.

Pure Green is a Premium Reseller of the Endoca product line of CBD Oils (Cannabidiol) with medical properties. The reason we are working so closely with such a well-renowned company is because of their professionalism and expertise in hemp cannabis cultivation, and the production and manufacturing of medical CBD products for consumer use.

Over the years Endoca has prioritised research and development and are dedicated to producing hemp (cannabis) products without ever compromising on quality. Their cannabis cultivation is where their process begins and they have been highly innovative in keeping their cultivation processes healthy for the end consumer as well as the environment. It is this Drive to be the best which has fuelled the CBD movement into human development, through which companies such as Endoca, who are highly involved in making the world a better place through the use of hemp, are making waves by not only providing an alternative to a few Allopathic Medicines but making a change in the lives of those less fortunate than most of us.

Pure Green believes wholeheartedly in these endeavours and this is the reason we have chosen to be part of the Endoca process. We believe that with more brands opting to push the movement that is Homoeopathic medications such as medical CBD oils (cannabis extract), we will be able to generate the sustainable awareness needed to get homoeopathic medication back on everyone’s radar. We believe that we will be able to jumpstart communities around CBD oil production, and most importantly we believe that we will be able to create a sustainable alternative solution for those who are burdened by the adverse side-effects of some Allopathic Medications.

Pure Green strives to provide South Africans with the best quality medical CBD hemp products available on the market today, and we eagerly await to hear about your results after the use of our products. Pure Green goal is to make alternative medication affordable for all who benefit from its medical properties. We have a range of opportunities available for consumers to subsidise their own consumption and if need be, create their own businesses within their own consumption group.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on subsidiary consumption plans or to create a consumption group with in your community and earn additional monthly revenue.